Online Bingo Trend

Many Bingo celebrities are always right up-to-date on the latest fashions, so it’s not surprising that they are also joining in on the hugely popular online Bingo trend.

Online Bingo Games

Online Bingo games are fast becoming the Internet’s biggest online game – and with the array of great game features available, it’s easy to see why these games are so popular.

Online games are very much like land-based games, but instead of having to mark your numbers yourself, the software does it for you.

There are two types of Bingo games played online:

  • Download Games: These are downloaded from the site to your computer.
  • Flash Games: These are played live online using Flash software.

Playing Online Bingo

Playing online is a lot easier and more relaxing than traditional land-based Bingo games; you don’t have to worry about watching your cards.

You can also chat to your friends with the chat facilities, and play mini games such as slots, pulltabs or poker while you play your Bingo games.

Here is how it all works:

  • Once you have signed up at the Bingo site you wish to play at, you make a deposit so that you can buy tickets.
  • Tickets range in price, but on average you will spend about 60p on a book of six tickets.
  • Once you’ve got your tickets, all you need to do is watch and wait to see if you get one line, two lines or a ‘Full House’ (three lines), each of which have a prize to be won.
  • You can then either buy more tickets to keep winning, or if you have won a big prize, you can cash out your prize.
  • You can also play chat games to get extra points to buy tickets with.

The online Bingo trend shows no sign of slowing down – in fact, with more and more celebrities are joining the fun, the craze looks set to become even bigger!

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