Famous Bingo Players

There are increasingly more famous Bingo players every year as celebs get into the Bingo craze.

Bingo Lure

TOKYO - SEPTEMBER 19: Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones attends a press conference promoting 'No Reservations' at Park Hyatt Hotel September 19, 2007 in Tokyo, Japan. The film opens on September 29 in Japan. (Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images)The most obvious Bingo lure that keeps people playing the game is the winning factor.

The attraction of winning a huge jackpot prize is always a major drawing card, whether it is a land-based or online game.

As Bingo is a game of chance, players are never certain of a win, which makes the anticipation that much more exciting.

The game itself is also exciting, and loads of fun for all involved. Chatting makes it a social event, which is a great way to make friends and have fun.

Celeb Bingo Parties

Imagine being a fly on the wall at one of the popular celeb Bingo parties! That would certainly be a night to remember.

Apparently Catherine Zeta-Jones regularly hosts Bingo parties for her famous friends. Simon le Bon and Mick Jagger are also said to host and attend Bingo parties.

Here are some ideas that you could use to host your own Bingo party:

  • Christmas Housie: These cards use Christmas symbols instead of numbers, and players need to match the symbols on their cards to those called out.
  • New Years Housie: Similar to Christmas Bingo, winners must mark off all their pictures on their cards to win the game.
  • Happy Hour Housie: Strictly for adults, players must drink a shooter when they win a line either across, down or diagonally.

Bingo Site Mascots

As you will see on our Famous Bingo Players pages, some celebrities are Bingo site mascots who represent Bingo websites.

These players are specially chosen for their love of the game, and they use their celebrity status to help promote their favourite online game.

With famous faces being seen more and more often on the telly and online, Bingo site mascots are really helping to make the game fashionable and fun.

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