Katie Price

Glamour model Katie Price is fast becoming a regular face in the online Bingo world and is now just as likely to be seen on her favourite Bingo site as she is to be seen in the gossip columns and papers.

Online Bingo Ambassador

LONDON - NOVEMBER 27: Katie Price poses for photographers to promte their new album 'A Whole New World' at Selfridge's Oxford Street on November 27, 2006 in London, England. (Photo by MJ Kim/Getty Images)Katie Price is a great example of a successful online Bingo ambassador who helps promote the game.

Traits of a good ‘face’ or celebrity endorser for Bingo include the following:

  • This person should actually play, understand and love the Bingo game to fully appreciate the experience.
  • The person should represent the nature or atmosphere of the site. For example, the site that Katie promotes is a fun, flirty site, which is perfect for her bubbly personality.
  • Celeb endorsers should be involved in promotions and activities, and should be able to connect with players either by doing Chat Host duties or perhaps keeping them entertained with a blog.
  • The endorser should lend the site a good sense of fun and entertainment, and should give other players the inspiration to join the fun and play there too.

Foxy Bingo

Foxy Bingo is the online Bingo site that Katie endorses and calls her Bingo home.

Featuring another ‘famous’ character, Foxy the fox, this game is highly popular with players of all ages, but due to Katie’s vivacious presence has been attracting the young and trendy recently.

Here are some of the promotions and programs that Katie is running at Foxy Bingo:

  • VIP Loyalty Program. This ad features Katie in a stunning ball gown, while Foxy is decked out in a tux.
  • Chat Games and Specials. Katie has even been known to do a shift or two managing the chat rooms.
  • Forum. Foxy and Katie are regularly seen and heard on the Bingo forum, which allows players to chat to them and ask questions.

If you’d like to see Katie Price in the Bingo rooms, take a look at Foxy Bingo and stop by to say hello.

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