Denise van Outen

Bubbly and outgoing Denise van Outen is mad about Bingo, and is said to have even tried to convince her radio co-stars into attending a few sessions at her local club!

Essex Bingo Clubs

Denise van Outen is often seen out playing at one of her local Essex Bingo clubs.

Here is how you can find the best Essex club directory to find clubs to play Bingo:

  • Use terms like ‘Bingo club directories Essex’ in search engines.
  • The better directories should give you a full list of club names and addresses as well as contact numbers.
  • Directories that allow you to narrow your search fields, e.g. search by city, or by suburb, will help you find specific clubs a lot easier.
  • Your local community centre may also have a list of Bingo games or clubs meeting at halls in the Essex area. Try calling them to find out.

Bingo Chat Fun

There is nothing quite like Bingo chat fun to brighten your day. Just like Denise van Outen and her mates find in a Bingo hall, the online Bingo chat room is a great place to relax and have a laugh.

Here are some of the most fun elements about Bingo chat:

  • Chat Hosts are there to make you feel welcome, and make the room like one big family.
  • You get to know people from all over the world, who become good friends – in good times and bad.
  • Chat games are a good laugh for all players, and give a lot of excitement in the rooms.
  • Chat ‘lingo’ is the coolest way to get your message across in just a few quick taps of your keyboard keys.
  • Some chat rooms have fun emoticons and even allow you to change your chat colour for some variation.

Once you get to know people in the room, the atmosphere is a lot like it is at a Bingo hall.

It’s not just Bingo celebrities who can enjoy a good game of Bingo – every person, no matter what their age, gender or fame can relax and have fun playing this great game. A good way to start is to try a free no deposit bingo game.