Bingo Celebrities Guide

Have you ever wondered what celebrities do other than working, hiding from the paparazzi, shopping or partying? Well you might just bump into a hot celebrity the next time you visit a bingo hall, or play alongside them in a online bingo game without even knowing it!

Find out everything you need to know about Bingo celebrities right here – and learn what it is about the game that makes it so popular!

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Bingo Halls

While many celebs like to play online Bingo, some of them love the traditional game that is played at Bingo halls across the world.

Everyone has their favourite venue, and prefer to stick to the hall or club they’ve grown to know and love. Some halls stand out more than others, however.

Here are some of the top Bingo halls around the country that you may find a celeb playing at:

  • Mecca Clubs. Mecca Bingo clubs can be found in almost every town in the UK and Europe. Players can play online via the Mecca online hall or in land-based Bingo halls.
  • Gala Clubs. Gala Bingo comes in a very close second, and is also one of the UK’s leading Bingo venues.
  • Local Community Hall. Assuming you live in a busier town or city, you may well bump into a famous face at your local hall down the road from you!

Bingo Players

In the old days, Bingo had a reputation as a game played by geriatrics or at church or charity events.  In fact, bingo players are actually a diverse bunch of people just like the rest us.

The kinds of players you could find in the Bingo hall:

  • Smokers – most land-based bingo players are smokers, which resulted in many frustrated bingo players across the UK after the notorious “smoking in public” laws were released – this is one of the reasons why online bingo has become even more popular!
  • The average age range of players is from 25 to 50 years, with few older players, making online and land-based bingo easily accessible to young and old alike.
  • With female bingo players being the majority in land-based bingo and online bingo, there has been a steady increase in younger male bingo players, adding to the diversity of bingo crowds around the UK.

Most players work full-time jobs, with many players logging on to Bingo as a way to relax after a day at work.

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